Weddings Without Breaking the Bank

Ideas On Saving Money On Your Wedding

money-dress-01There are a million things to do when planning a wedding. They are a fun occasion that everybody love. Things can also be very expensive so it is good to cut the cost where ever you can. These are a few ideas you can use to help save money and still have a wonderful wedding day. Your special day do not have to break the bank.

One good way to save money would be to buy every thing in bulk. You can buy all of your flowers and favors in bulk and save a ton of money. I know this is one day that you should not spare any expense but once your special day is over you still have to live. So another way to cut down on the expense is to maybe have your special day in the day time. It is cheaper in the day time. The next thing you can do to cut down the expense is to have every thing in the same place you can save a lot of money by doing this. Also by doing this you can cut down on your limo fees.

Another way to cut down the expense is to maybe use a centerpiece that can also be used as some other decor for your reception. This is a good idea because your are killing two birds with one stone. You can also ask your friend or your family members to help you with your invitations. You will save a lot of money by doing this and it will be one less thing to stress about. diy-paper-flower-wedding-5As for your flowers you can buy them from a warehouse. Warehouses can be very cheap and you wont have to spend a lot of money for them. Instead of real flowers you can also try the dried flowers. They are very reasonable priced. Or make your own paper flowers out of tissue paper!

Wedding favors are a thing of the past.. I mean you’re paying for dinner for 100+ people, alcohol and dessert included so they can survive without a little care package (that they’ll more than likely throw out anyways).

These days you can use all sorts of things to help you when you are planning your special day this includes the internet. The internet is a tremendous help for you to use. The internet can help your guests with the RSVP and by doing this you can save money on buying the RSVP cards and you can save on the postage. Wedding-Tree-CupcakesThe next way to save money would be to use cup cakes. Using cup cakes can help you out a lot, plus people are starting to use cup cakes a lot because they are cheaper and easier to make. Another good tip on saving money would be to use a cake that is not real doing this will help you save a lot of money as well. You can save a lot if you use a sheet cake. The smaller the cake the cheaper it will be.

The next way to save money is to choose a cheaper dress although the average bride would rather buy the most expensive dress they can find but you must remember you will only wear the dress one time so just purchase a cheaper dress or rent one that way you can get some of your money back and that is a good way to save money on your dress. Tea length dresses are becoming more popular these days, and they are significantly cheaper than a full length dress.short-wedding-dresses  You can also save money by buying your veil on the internet or you can borrow one from somebody you know.

One vendor you shouldn’t be too money crazy about is the photographer. From personal experience this is what we did wrong. We hired a bunch of high school kids for $400. We were both happy with the price… but 3 weeks after the wedding when we got the photos we were anything but happy. The pictures were TERRIBLE! And then we went to our good friends wedding a few weeks later.. They used professional wedding photographers who knew what they were doing.  They listen to your unique wedding photo ideas and stay committed to your vision. Don’t make the same mistake that I did!

Well those are a few ways you can save money. When planning your special day it is always good to cut corners where ever you can. This will be one of the most important events in your life and being careful with your expenses can help you save money on your special day and you can still have the best day of your life.